As the weather worsens, law enforcement reminds us about the importance of driving slow and breaking early.

BOISE, Idaho — Jessica Pearce is not impressed – at least with Idahoans’ ability to drive in bad weather.

“We don’t have to freak out over weather,” she said. “We just have to be cautious and safe and follow the rules.”

While many winter driving rules seem self-explanatory, it is always good to get a refresher. Sgt. Matt Navest, with the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, said people should drive slowly and break early.

He said the worst accidents happen early in the morning before sunrise.

“People think if it’s 55 miles per hour that they can go 55 miles per hour,” Navest said, “even though the road is completely ice covered or snow covered.”

On Sunday, Ada County Sheriff’s Office responded to 34 crashes without injuries, five crashes with injuries and five slide-offs.

As of Monday afternoon, they reported 29 crashes without any injuries, two crashes with injuries and seven slide-offs. While not every crash is weather-related, the sheriff’s office pointed out most are on bad weather days.

Navest said a lot of the crashes are a result of people following another car too closely. He reminded people to pay attention to the forecast and allow more time in the morning to get to work.

“This time of year, weather always plays a big role in our day-to-day patrol duties,” he said. “It’s better that you get there safe and unhurt than it is, you know, to get into vehicle accident.”

Making sure your vehicle has good tires is also important. Navest also recommended packing some essentials, like a blanket, food and water in the car.

Pearce said she is most concerned about distracted driving.

“Everyone’s texting and driving or scrolling and driving, and that’s so unsafe,” she said. “If everybody could just stop doing that, that would be perfect. Then we could all get to where we want to go.”

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