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November 21, 2022 | 2:35pm

MANILA, Philippines — In their over 18 years together, Aubrey Miles and Troy Montero have traveled in countless destinations with their kids. And so when many countries recently reopened, the celebrity couple and their brood were among the first ones to jump into the “revenge travel” bandwagon.

Before hopping into the “revenge travel” craze, too, take note of these reminders from literally one of the hottest couples in town!

Always make reservations, not just hope to walk-in

Even if Aubrey and Troy have been celebrities with big following for years now, they don’t assume to get VIP treatment all the time and to get easy access to everywhere they want to go to.

“If you’re just alone with your loved one, make sure you research all the fun places to go to. You need to check each of them if they need reservation or tickets in advance, like in a museum or a show. Make sure you inquire, not just walk in,” Troy affirmed in an exclusive interview with, with Aubrey by his side, at the recent Melissa Philippines 15th anniversary launch.

“Especially if you’re traveling with your family, some of the shows we saw, you have to book it in advance. Especially if you have your kids with you, it’s going to hassle you a lot if you just wait by the door. So do your reservations.”

Don’t let your guard down

Having fallen victim to thieves during their Paris trip last month, Troy reminded to “Keep your wallets and your bags closed.”

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Credit card is better than cash

To beat the inflation, Aubrey uses her credit card in shopping than using cash.

“Better also to use credit card, if you have credit card, para the currency is the same na lang. Kasi if you change your dollars or pesos, (the value of your money) would be lower, for sure. So if you use your credit card, it’s the same currency (exchange rate value). You’ll not pay extra. Sakto lang.”

Rehearse your ‘OOTDs’ before you pack them

“Dress rehearsal. Kasi I don’t want to over-pack. Sometimes, I do over-pack. But at least when you get there (in your destination), alam mo na isusuot mo. And then I have to bring shoes that would match with an outfit or two outfits because you can’t bring many shoes,” Aubrey explained.

“What Aubrey taught me is how to pack for a complete outfit, like this is day one, this is Monday afternoon, this is dinner,” Troy added.

When traveling, the couple and their kids prefer to bring footwear like Melissa shoes that are flexible enough to suit any season and style.

“Ako, it depends. If it’s winter, then I’ll pack many clothes. But more on the shoes depending on the weather. For me kasi, I like to change clothes all the time. Kasi (it’s more visual), lalo na ‘pag winter,” said Aubrey.

“It’s actually quite comfortable and because actually, my baby wears it all the time for school, and I was surprised, even mine has the nice smell!” Troy noted on Melissa’s signature candy scent.

Save some room for shopping

Troy has a postscript when it comes to traveling with the “fam”: “Leave space in your maleta for shopping. Don’t pack full! Return overweight but don’t go overweight!” — With Dino Maragay

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