Passengers who recline their seats on board an aircraft are commonly seen as a “plane in the butt” – and one traveller has now revealed the “evil” way she gets back at those who dare to do so.

The woman, known only as Fiona, aired her issues on the Fitzy & Wippa radio show, saying she finds the move “inconsiderate” and immediately exacts revenge by facing all the vents in her fellow passenger’s direction, New York Post reports.

“When you’re flying economy, and the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and reclines their chair all the way back … You know the aircon vents in the top? You can swivel them around,” Fiona said.

“I just swivel it right on their face and turn it up full blast.”

The radio hosts subsequently shared a clip of Fiona’s phone call to their TikTok page, where it quickly went viral, clocking up close to a million views.

“Would you dare do this?” Fitzy and Wippa asked viewers beneath the clip. “Is this the most genius or evil aeroplane track hack?”

People were fiercely divided on whether blasting aircon on the person in front of them was an appropriate response.

Some praised the petty action, with one enthusing: “My new move!”

A second said: “I’ll be using this as my legs barely fit behind the seats even when they’re upright.”

However, others claimed that it wasn’t at all rude to recline a seat and accused the woman of being petty and entitled.

“I paid for my seat. I’m reclining it,” one snapped before another told the woman to upgrade to business class if she wanted more space.

“Why do people get upset [about reclining seats]? It doesn’t even go back a lot,” a third person added.

A recent report found that those who recline their seats on board planes are seen as “rude” – but not everybody agrees.

Jacqueline Whitmore, an etiquette expert and a former flight attendant, told Fox News Digital that “travellers have the right to recline”.

However, she added there is a polite way to do so, which involves taking a peek back so that the person is prepared for the seat to move.

Ms Whitmore further advises to recline slowly and gently, and only to recline part of the way if the passenger behind has long legs.

This article originally appeared in the New York Post and was reproduced with permission


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