Ford is betting that at future holiday dinners, 2060s ‘tweens will stare at antiquated JPEGs, giggling.

“Hey, Joey, Grandma and Granddad use to live in a van!”

“Not just a van, Chloe. A Ford Transit Trail.”

An all-wheel-drive medium-duty van about the size of an airport shuttle or UPS van, the new 2023 Transit Trail aims to transform Ford’s workhorse into a vacation getaway/rolling residence for anything from weekend trips to years of residence.

The 2023 Ford Transit Trail

“People often ask us what our favorite place is and our answer is constantly changing because we are always discovering new places,” write Joe and Kait Russo, who have traveled throughout North America living in a variety of vehicles since 2015.

They currently have a Storyteller Overland van built on a Ford F-350 chassis, after several years with a Ford F-350 crew cab pickup with a bed camper. The Russos write RV travel guides and tips.

They also have a brick-and-mortar house, but the U.S. Census Bureau estimates about 140,000 people live in cars, boats or motor homes. Some do it by choice, others by necessity, as depicted in the Academy Award-winning film “Nomadland.

A blank canvas

The basic idea: Ford does what it’s good at, building a vehicle with the latest safety and convenience features.

An example of the 2023 Ford Transit Trail interior.

DIYers and aftermarket shops take it from there, transforming Ford’s blank canvas into custom living space.

The 2023 Ford Transit Trail goes into production soon. Ford dealers are taking orders now. The first Transit Trails should be on dealership lots in spring 2023.

Transit Trail prices start at $65,975, excluding destination charge. Prices can soar from that starting point, depending on interior features and materials.


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