TEXARKANA, Ark. — On Friday, bibliophiles will be able to enjoy low-cost books and local artwork again as the Friends of the Texarkana Public Library bookstore reopens at its new location.

The nonprofit began its move in late June by closing its prior location at 320 W. Broad St. in Texarkana, Texas, to a fresh space at 2024 N. State Line Ave. gifted by the Larey family.

While the organization received a $15,000 grant from the Patterson-Troike Foundation to furnish the space with new shelving, it still manages to feature community-based passion projects from years’ past.

“The Larey family graciously offered us a residence here at the bookstore,” volunteer Nancy Price said. “We are a nonprofit so we have depended on people’s generosity to stay open, Bobby King donated the use of his building for 20 years.”

Treasurer Lori Tibbit said the profits of the bookstore are donated to the library, with totals recently reaching $4,000 a year on average. The volunteers also fill the needs of the library using profits to purchase items such as a van, security system, sound system and supplies for summer children’s programming.

The nonprofit additionally makes donations of books and other items to the Domestic Violence Prevention Center and the Dorcas House.

“Linda Larey also wanted the space for her art gallery, and she’s going to paint here, too,” volunteer Barbara Elam said. “This just makes a really nice combination of having a bookstore and an art gallery.”

Larey’s art is scattered across the building, sealed in gold frames and filled with bright colors that accentuate the book spines on the shelves.

“I’m really excited about it,” Linda Larey said. “The library is going to use it a couple weekends a month, but the building is also available for people who want to have small board meetings.”

Larey said she also plans on holding her art club meetings at the new location.

The new space features a children’s reading room, filled with shelves painted primary shades of blue, red and yellow, contributed by Girl Scout Samantha Knowles in 2017. Knowles’ effort is marked by a plaque towards the front of the room, crediting her with renovation of the area.

The space also has sections of self-help and recipe books, biographies and memoirs, young adult fiction, reference books, nature books, DVDs and CDs, travel guides and an additional section for books that can’t quite be put into a box, called “choice selections.”

“They’re just odds and ends,” said secretary Judith Wright, with a laugh.

The Buford room, named after former volunteer Buford Willis, features hardback fiction, Westerns, science fiction and mysteries. Willis also built all of the shelves for the room by hand.

The new location also features a kitchen and two restrooms and is climate-controlled, which will preserve the integrity of the books.

Price said the bookstore is always in need of donations of gently used books and jigsaw puzzles, and word of mouth advertising is also appreciated.

The bookstore is open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. the second Friday and the final Friday and Saturday of each month. For the holiday months, the bookstore often curtails its days to allow its volunteers to spend time with their families.

The bookstore will have a grand opening Friday and Saturday. It will also be open on Friday, Nov. 11, and Saturday, Nov. 12, along with Friday, Dec. 9, and Saturday, Dec. 10.

To learn more about the Friends of the Texarkana Public Library, visit their Facebook page and website, tinyurl.com/4rv9dhka.


The new location of the Friends of the Texarkana Public Library’s bookstore features this children’s reading room, shown Saturday, Oct. 22, 2022, in Texarkana, Arkansas. Girl Scout Samantha Knowles contributed the room’s shelves in 2017, and her effort is marked by a plaque. (Staff photo by Mallory Wyatt)


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