Tower of Fantasy, the open-world MMORPG has lastly launched, and a part of its exploration mechanics are the Scenic Factors. These are particular spots in every area that showcase the landmarks in that area, and rewards you handsomely for the meager activity of merely going to the spot and clicking a button. Every will reward you 20 Darkish Crystals and 20 Banges Exploration Factors, for a complete of 120 of every.

It’s additionally a pleasant method to admire the area and its distinctive panorama. Banges has an attention-grabbing panorama of neon lights, barely paying homage to a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk aesthetic.

For those who’re enjoying on a PC, the limitless wall climbing exploit will definitely come in useful, however will not be essential. This information additionally assumes you’ve unlocked all Spacerifts and unlocked the Omnium Tower within the area.

Tower of Fantasy Banges Scenic Factors

Listed here are the entire Scenic Level areas in Banges.

Banges Dock Scenic Level

A bustling dock. It’s a spot for items to return out and in. It’s probably the most vital market on Aida and a world transportation hub.

Head to the Banges Dock spacerift and use your jetpack to go up and east. For those who’re fortunate, there will probably be a drone ready for you which you’ll be able to take as much as the bridge. If the drone isn’t there, there’s an simply scalable wall {that a} piece of the bridge is leaning on, which you’ll be able to climb then soar down from.

The Scenic Level itself is positioned on the nook of one of many components of the damaged bridge.

Banges Tech Scenic Level

Serving because the core business within the Banges area, Banges Industries is in command of manufacturing machine components and large-scale gear. Though it has offered jobs for 80% of the Banges inhabitants, additionally it is the supply of the heavy air pollution within the space.

The Banges Tech Scenic Level could be simply reached by utilizing the Banges Dock Spacerift, then strolling up the ramp till you see our mechanical pal Ferris. Climb or jetpack up the wall behind him, and also you’ll end up on a highway. Head barely west till you move by the massive neon indicators in Banges Tech, and climb or jetpack up the wall.

The Scenic Level itself is on a picket platform protruding of this wall.

The Maen Scenic Level

A department of inland underground river streaming from the excessive mountain. It’s a man-made river that flows into the ocean.

Teleport to the Mt. Woochu Spacerift, cross the river and beeline it east, jetpacking or scaling any wall you encounter, and you must have the ability to see The Maen Scenic Level. Equally, you’ll be able to method from the Souther Mountains Spacerift when you have it unlocked, then heading west.

The Scenic Level is troublesome to overlook, because it’s sitting proper beside a Thrust Module Co-Operative Problem that virtually acts as a beacon, and with Break B-03 within the distance.

Banges Farms Scenic Level

Because of the diligent farmers who constantly enriched the soil with contemporary water and potions, the sphere was made into nutrient soil appropriate for planting.

Teleport to the Banges Farms Spacerift and jetpack or just climb up the bridge. It’s simply seen from the Spacerift and is unattainable to overlook. Right here it’s going through the spacerift:

Shelter Scenic Level

A shelter constructed on the sting of the mountain, which holds some equipment methods. Positioned in a distant space, the shelter doesn’t have many assets.

Use the Banges Shelter Spacerift and head north, climbing the wall behind the huge half-dome formed construction. The scenic level is positioned close to two Crystal ores, and overlooks your entire HT201 Shelter. Right here it’s, wanting within the course of the place the Spacerift can be (if it was loaded in).

Sign Station Ruins Scenic Level

It was once the largest sign transmission base in Banges. Located amongst mountains, the bottom was ruined after the Omnium Shock. Nonetheless, some folks favor these ruins over different locations.

Teleport to the Sign Station Ruins Spacerift. Then, head left across the enormous cylindrical wreck and cross the hole in the direction of the fallen tower. Proceed transferring east till you see the highway, then climb the wall on the opposite aspect of mentioned highway. Skirt across the fringe of the cliff till you discover the Scenic Level.

It’s additionally near a Small Stronghold, so that you would possibly end up in slightly little bit of a skirmish with some Aldan Zealots and Londor the Sentinel earlier than getting a momentary peace to understand the view.

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