It was the final piece of recommendation that precipitated debate in Kat’s feedback.

One commenter, Carter Mangaue, mentioned: “Your flight attendant is not going to help you. That is towards many insurance policies now. In the event that they contact it, they tag it. Ask one other passenger, not your crew.”

One other, Michelle Marie, mentioned: “I am a flight attendant and no, not all of us will assist help as a result of that is nonetheless lifting/holding half of the bag that would injure your again.”

One, with the username TheFlyGamer, responded: “I agree. We are going to help!! However we WILL NOT put it up WITHOUT your assist. Should you aren’t doing a lot of the work we are going to examine the bag.”

One commenter, who glided by CR, mentioned: “I’m a flight attendant and our instructors taught us the ‘2 finger contact’ when requested to help.”


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